Alabama Gov. Signs Anti-Union Bill Punishing Companies Who Voluntarily Recognize Unions

Alabama Republicans hate (or are afraid of) unions so much that they have passed a law punishing companies that voluntarily recognize them. reports:

“Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey announced Monday she signed legislation that could lead to revoking economic incentives on companies that voluntarily recognize labor unions starting next year.

But the legislation, SB231, has no impact on any of the proceedings occurring this week east of Tuscaloosa, where thousands of employees at a Mercedes-Benz plant will decide if they want to be represented by the United Auto Workers (UAW).

‘Alabama is not Michigan,’ Ivey said to approximately 1,000 people during a chamber of commerce function in Huntsville. ‘Huntsville … Tuscaloosa … they’re not Detroit. We want to ensure that Alabama values, not Detroit values, continue to define the future of this great state.’

Ivey’s remarks occurred on the first day of voting during a historic election at the automaker’s Vance factory. The unionization effort comes amid a $40 million campaign by the UAW to organize foreign-owned assembly plants across the South. A union drive is also underway at the Hyundai plant in Montgomery.”

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