Amazon CEO Mocked On Twitter After Tweeting Amazon Is “The Bernie Sanders Of Employers”

Dave Clark, the CEO of Amazon, which is trying to stop a union organizing drive in Bessemer, Alabama, took to Twitter to push back against critics like Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT). And he failed miserably – appearing out of touch and hypocritical.

He wrote, “I welcome @SenSanders to Birmingham and appreciate his push for a progressive workplace. I often say we are the Bernie Sanders of employers, but that’s not quite right because we actually deliver a progressive workplace for our constituents: a $15 minimum wage, health care from day one, career progression, and a safe and inclusive work environment. So if you want to hear about $15 an hour and health care, Senator Sanders will be speaking downtown. But if you would like to make at least $15 an hour and have good health care, Amazon is hiring.

Anyone who has spent any time on Twitter could guess what happened next. Here is a peek at some of the many, many mocking replies.

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