Amazon Has Its First Union Warehouse In The U.S. After Workers Vote Yes In Staten Island

It has finally happened.

Workers have unionized an Amazon warehouse. The Staten Island facility is now union.

The vote count began yesterday, with the Yes votes holding a big lead when the counting resumed this morning. The lead held and the union won.

Lauren Kaori Gurley broke news on Twitter a few minutes ago: “BREAKING: Amazon warehouse workers in Staten Island have voted to form the first union at Amazon in US history. Ballot count: 2654 ‘yes’ to 2131 ‘no’. Mood out here is jubilant. Workers are sharing their messages to Jeff Bezos.”

In the other vote count that happened this week, the NLRB is processing over 400 challenged ballots in the Bessemer, AL election where the No votes lead margin is a little over 100.

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