Amazon Lays Off Workers Developing The Delivery Drone Intended To Replace Workers

You can’t make this stuff up. Amazon is now laying off the team responsible for developing a drone that is supposed to replace delivery workers.

Tech Crunch reports:

Amazon  has confirmed an early Financial Times report outlining layoffs at the retail giant’s Prime Air drone delivery program.

‘As part of our regular business operations, we are reorganizing one small team within our larger Prime Air organization to allow us to best align with the needs of our customers and the business,’ spokesperson Kristen Kish said in a statement offered to TechCrunch . ‘For affected employees, we are working to find roles in the areas where we are hiring that best match their experience and needs.’

The statement echoes similar sentiment from Amazon departments that have undergone headcount reduction, including the bit about attempting to shift employees around inside the company. Among other things, it’s an attempt to get out in front of suggestions that the project could be struggling. The company adds, however, that it is committed to the Prime Air project.

The initial report points to dozens of layoffs, though Amazon, unsurprisingly, is loath to give an exact figure. Understandably, the ambitious project, which would add rapid air delivers to Amazon’s existing robust delivery structure, hasn’t exactly been a quick launch.”

For the rest of the story, visit Tech Crunch here.

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