Amazon Organizing Campaign Kicks Off With Rally In Kentucky

Amazon workers in Kentucky are organizing for a voice on the job.

CBS affiliate WKRC reports:

“Dozens of Amazon workers and supporters rallied outside the Amazon Air facility in Hebron Saturday in favor of unionizing.

Some KCVG workers at Amazon Air said they were frustrated with the latest pay increase amount they received amid inflation, and what they’re calling ‘cost-cutting firing measures.’

The group decided to start the process of unionizing after the successful unionization at a Staten Island Amazon facility one year prior, when the Amazon Labor Union was born.

Edward Clark says he was wrongfully fired from his job at KCVG. Now, he’s advocating for a more transparent termination process.

What we are looking for is fair representation and to have someone to understand the reason we’re being terminated, said Clark. How does this line up with Amazon’s principles?

The workers are demanding representation at all disciplinary meetings, a starting pay of $30 an hour, and 180 hours of paid time off.”

For the rest of the story, visit WKRC here.

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