Amazon Organizing Spreads To Iowa As Teamsters Make Union Push There For Better Wages And Conditions

While the organizing campaign in Alabama is getting all the attention, the Teamsters are organizing Amazon workers in multiple cities in Iowa.

USA Today reports:

“A unionization effort is underway among employees of’s Iowa warehouses, with organizers threatening a strike.

International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 238 Organizing Director Buzz Malone said Friday that he has been recruiting workers to organize since November. He said the union has approached “400 to 500” current or former employees, primarily tied to Amazon’s distribution centers in Grimes and Iowa City.

‘We’re going to continue to organize them and turn them into a cohesive group to fight for their wages and conditions here,’ Malone said.

An Amazon spokesperson did not immediately have a comment on the announcement when contacted by the Des Moines Register late Friday afternoon.

Malone said the union is demanding from the company higher pay and less stringent rules, particularly regarding how fast warehouse employees and drivers have to work.

The union’s announcement comes after Amazon quickly scaled up in the Des Moines metro and eastern Iowa last year. In addition to the Grimes and Iowa City distribution centers, Amazon opened a 1,000-employee fulfillment center in Bondurant in December.

Amazon employs 1,320 workers in Iowa, said Marc Wulfraat, president of the logistics firm MWPVL International. The company is also building a second warehouse in Bondurant, which will employ up to 400 workers during the holiday season.

For the rest of the story, visit USA Today here.

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