Angry Workers Walk Out Of Plant After COVID-19 Exposure: ‘We’re up here risking our life for chicken’

Chicken plant workers stormed out of a plan in Georgia because of what they feel like is extreme negligence by their employer.

WMAZ reports:

“The Perdue plant in Kathleen [GA] was a little emptier Monday after about 50 employees walked out.

They said they don’t feel safe working around people who have potentially been exposed to coronavirus and want the plant to do more to protect their employees.

‘We’re not getting nothing — no type of compensation, no nothing, not even no cleanliness, no extra pay — no nothing. We’re up here risking our life for chicken,’ said employee Kendaliyn Granville.

She said people still working on the production line said they have been exposed to coronavirus.

Granville said her supervisors are telling them they are sanitizing the building every night, but when she comes in every morning, there is food on the floor from the night before and the bathrooms are still dirty.

‘All we’re asking now is just to sanitize the building. Sanitize the building. Everybody that’s been exposed to it, they need to go home. These folks are still on the floor.’

Diamond Gray said this is about more than coronavirus concerns. She said they are tired of accepting the bare minimum.

‘We’re told there’s going to be more promotions and more pay for the company, but no one has seen that,’ said Gray. ‘I think a lot of people are just tired and with the virus involved. Also, I think it’s just gotten to the point where enough is enough.'”

For the rest of the story, visit WMAZ here.

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