Another Casualty Of GM Plant Closings: Ohio Seat Company To Lay Off 120 Workers

More bad news is stemming from GM’s decision to close five plants and lay off 14,000 workers.

WKBN reports:

“120 workers in Warren are expected to be out of work in 2019.

Magna Seating System sent a release on Dec. 14 that Lordstown Seating Systems will stop production by March. The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services received the notice on Dec. 27.

They say stopping production at the General Motors Lordstown plant is causing the company to stop making seats.

They also say if GM gives a future product to the Lordstown plant, they hope they can call back workers. They go on to explain the future of the seat plant will be decided by GM:

“Should General Motors allocate a future product to Lordstown Assembly, we would hope to be selected as the seat supplier, which would allow us to recall a significant number of employees. If a future product is not allocated by General Motors and/or we are not selected as the seat supplier for the future product, these layoffs should be considered permanent.”

This is the second company that has announced job losses in light of GM’s decision. Comprehensive Logistics in Austintown announced earlier this month that they would be laying off employees.

Community members say they were worried that this would keep trickling down to other businesses, causing people to leave the area.”

For the rest of the story, visit WKBN here.

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