Ariline CEO Lashes Out Againt Workers, Saying They Got Lazy During The Pandemic

Another CEO is ranting against the pandemic phenomena of remote work.

Yahoo News reports:

“It isn’t just Tesla founder Elon Musk that thinks workers (or more specifically, remote workers) are ‘lazy’—Frontier Airlines chief executive, Barry Biffle, recently weighed in on the debate.

‘We got lazy in COVID,” the budget airline boss complained at an investor conference hosted by Morgan Stanley on Wednesday. ‘I mean seriously, people are still allowing people to work from home. All this silliness, right? All that’s out the window.’

Like many businesses, Biffle said that Frontier Airlines is responding to dampened demand amid the economic slowdown by doubling down on cutting costs and boosting productivity—but, he insisted, his business woes reflect a “society-wide” phenomenon.

‘We’re not alone in this. You hear every company out there talking about productivity challenges,’ he added.

Without specifying what actions the company might take, Biffle, who has more than 20 years of aviation industry experience, outlined the issues currently facing his company: A dip in demand for domestic flights, increasing fuel costs, and more staff on payroll post-pandemic.

“When we look at overhead versus 2019 adjusted for capacity, it’s up dramatically,” Biffle said. ‘Why do I have more people per plane in overhead than I had in 2019? It’s because they’re not as productive.'”

For the rest of the story, visit Yahoo News here.

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