Bernie Sanders Joins Striking Union Workers On Picket Line

Bernie Sanders took time out of his busy campaign yesterday, as he usually does, to join workers on the picket line.

CBS affiliate, WKLY, reports:

“Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders met with striking AT&T workers Sunday before his rally in Louisville.

More than 20,000 AT&T Southeast workers across nine states, including Kentucky, went on strike Saturday over what they allege are unfair labor practices.

Communications Workers of America filed an unfair labor practice charge with the National Labor Relations Board against AT&T for not bargaining in good faith and not sending representatives to the bargaining table with the authority to make decisions.

Workers said Sanders’ team asked if he could stop by the picket line.

‘I understand that he (Sanders) was (originally) planning on making a stop at the state fair before his speech, but, instead, he chose to come out here and represent the hard-working men and women of CWA, which also represents the hard-working men and women of unions everywhere,’ said Todd Robey, Todd Robey, the vice president for CWA Local 3310.

There are reportedly around 600 technicians and customer service representatives in Louisville who are now on strike.”

For the rest of the story, visit WKLY here.

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