Biden Poised To Flip The Anti-Union, Republican-Dominated NLRB

The National Relations Board currently has four members, with one seat vacant.

The Board is composed of four Republicans and one Democrat. They are:

John Ring, Chairman, appointed by President Trump. Term ends December, 2022.

Marvin Kaplan, appointed by President Trump. Term ends August, 2025.

William Emmanuel, appointed by President Trump. Term ends August, 2021.

Lauren McFerran, appointed by former President Obama and reconfirmed by the Senate last year. Term ends December, 2024.

So how do things look for labor? Pretty good, depending on the what the Senate will look like.

Biden can nominate a Democrat to the current vacant seat right after he takes office. And he can nominate another in August of next year. The two nominations, if confirmed by the Senate, would flip the Board from Republican to Democrat.

Given the rash of anti-union decisions by the Board during Trump’s term, it would be a welcome change, to say the least, to see a Board that is no longer dominated by Trump-appointed Republicans.

And a (big) bonus is that the term of Trump-appointed NLRB General Counsel, Peter Robb, who is definitely no friend of labor, expires November of next year.



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