Bill To End The Subminimum Wage For The Disabled Making Its Way Through Georgia

A bipartisan push to end the notorious subminimum wage for the disabled is gaining steam in Georgia.

WXIA reports:

“A bill that would eliminate what’s called the subminimum wage has passed a House committee vote. The wage is currently legal for workers with disabilities.


The federal minimum wage is $7.25; the subminimum wage is an unspecified number less than that, which —backers of this bill say – is ridiculously low for any worker.


‘I pick up trash,’ said Jason Cook, a sanitation worker in Dalton

‘I’m a good worker, and I do a good job,’ added Angus Miller, who was a restaurant worker.


They were among the folks at the capitol clamoring to talk to lawmakers in support of a bill to eliminate the subminimum wage – which is a legal wage for workers with disabilities.


‘It’s quite a shame that they see people with disabilities like me as less valuable workers (than) anyone else,’ said Christopher Flickinger, who works at a carpet manufacturer in Dalton.


Backers of HB 1125, which would eliminate the subminimum wage for workers with disabilities, point to a robust labor market that has created worker shortages that Republican state Rep. Scott Hilton (R-Peachtree Corners) says eliminates the need for a subminimum wage.


‘There is really no downside,’ Hilton said. ‘There are very few employers who have come out against this bill. Most folks are paid at or even above minimum wage. So we want to end this loophole.'”


For the rest of the story, visit WXIA here.

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