Buy Union, Choose A Union Brewery For Your Next Beer

It’s dizzying how many breweries there are nowadays.

20 years ago, there were just a handful. Now there are thousands across the country accommodating virtually every taste: IPAs, sours, fruit beers, ales, Belgian-style beers, you name it.

With so many choices, it can be hard to figure out which ones are union breweries. With that in mind, we’ve put together the list below of beers made by union breweries. For our full directory of union-made beers and their breweries, search our directory of more than 11,000 union-made products here.

Every time you buy union beer, you help support good jobs. Make it a union summer and choose a union brewery next time you go for a good beer.

Anchor Steam (ILWU)
Bass (IAM)
Beck’s (IAM)
Blue Moon (IUOE, IBT)
Budweiser (IBT, IAM)
Busch (IAM, IBT)
Butte Creek (IBT)
Coors (IBT)
Dundee (IBT)
Duquesne (IUE-CWA)
Genesee (IBT)
Goose Island (IBT)
Hamm’s Draft (UAW)
Henry Weinhard’s (IUOE, IBT)
Iron City (IUE-CWA)
Jamaica Red Ale (IAM)
Keystone (IAM, IUOE)
Killians (IUOE, IBT)
Landshark Lager (IAM, IUOE, IBT)
Lionshead (IUOE)
Mad River (IAM)
Mendocino Brewing (IBT)
Michelob (IAM, IBT, IUOE)
Mickey’s (IUOE, IBT)
Miller Genuine Draft (UAW, IAM, IUOE, IBT)
Milwaukee’s Best (UAW, IUOE, IAM, IBT)
Natural Ice (IAM, IUOE, IBT)
O’Doul’s (non alcoholic) (IUOE, IAM, IBT)
Pabst Blue Ribbon (UAW)
Red Stripe (IUE-CWA)
Red Tail Ale (IBT)
Rolling Rock (IAM)
Sam Adams (IBT, IUOE, SEIU)
Schlitz (UAW)
Shock Top (IAM, IUOE, IBT)
Steelhead (IAM)
Third Shift (IBT)

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