Four Unethical Brands to Boycott this Labor Day

By Sahid Fawaz

1. Anything made by Mondelēz in Mexico

This company, which owns Nabisco, moved hundreds of jobs to Mexico, including those at Oreo. Not all Oreos are made in Mexico but some definitely are and there is a way to determine that at the grocery store. To find out which Nabisco products are made south of the border, and which are not, simply check the label by using this handy guide.

2. Nestle Bottled Water

Remember when California was going through a terrible drought? Nestle decided to hoard the water supply and make matters worse. This is one brand of water that we won’t be drinking.

3. Palermo Pizza

Currently on the AFL-CIO boycott list. Enough said.

4. Yuengling Beer

This notorious anti-union company that pushes for “right to work” laws doesn’t deserve your money. For a delicious union-made beer, check out our full list here.

For more on shopping ethically, visit our Buy Blue hub here.

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