You’ve Got the Power

By Spike Dolomite Ward

Do you care about the survival of the middle class?  Are you concerned about income inequality?  Are you worried about your job, or the jobs of your family members, friends and neighbors?

Do you feel like a sitting duck, worrying and waiting for the next bad news story, wishing there was something you could do to take on the all powerful but very small ruling class?

There is something you can do!  You can use your personal spending power to direct the economy by patronizing only high-road, ethical businesses that pay a living wage, treat their workers fairly, and do business on American soil.  If everyone did that, we would drive American business right back home where it belongs.  We would also be sending a message to the ruling class that individual Americans do have the power and we know how to use it.

Your power doesn’t end with your wallet.  The other thing you can do to take down the ruling elite is VOTE!  Vote for candidates who sincerely work for and represent average Americans.  Let’s get rid of everybody who serves Big Money.  We can do it.

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