Carmageddon got you down?

  • No worries! Here’s some fun tips to turn a would-be disaster into a fun Union Weekend

“Carmageddon”: the temporary closure of 10 miles of Interstate 405 for 53 hours this weekend in Los Angeles. Or as Stephen Colbert puts it, two off-peak days of increased traffic which means someone might have to walk someplace!

Despite predictions to the contrary, closing down the 405 will not stop your life, we promise. Think of it as just another weekend to experience all that L.A. has to offer…without having to drive. Not only is the event making us rethink our car-driven culture in the City of Angels, Carmageddon is actually a GOOD THING! It’s employing a lot of  people on this project … good middle class jobs that pay union wages and benefits. So let’s celebrate the hundreds of skilled union building trades members – particularly Laborers and Operating Engineers – who are working hard on the 405 make-over. Let’s show our support for them and our great city of LA by having a union weekend blowout!

What would a union weekend consist of, you ask? :

  • Ride public transportation
    Let a union worker take the wheel!
  • Go to a public park & enjoy the fresh air
    Remember all those parks are public lands maintained by union employees

As Steven Colbert put it, Angelinos have survived worse and can get through this… watch The Colbert Report’s take on Carmageddon:

Have a wonderful union weekend!

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