CEO Tells Workers To Forge Timecards To Keep Jobs

A CEO of a Canadian company is in hot water after it was leaked that he told employees to lie about their hours.

CBC reports:

“Several workers of a high-profile company say they were pressured into giving up paid vacation days, then told to lie about it on their timecards — or risk job losses during the height of the pandemic.

In an internal company video provided to Go Public, Franklin Holtforster — president and CEO of Ottawa-based Colliers Project Leaders — asks employees to “surrender” vacation time if they want to save their own jobs and those of their coworkers.

‘I’m asking everyone to work a full week and to record an additional eight hours of vacation onto your time sheet every week in April and May,’ Holtforster says in the video released to employees on April 24.

‘This reduces our compensation costs and permits us to avoid mass layoffs … Now if we all surrender a bit of future vacation, we can keep our co-workers and ourselves employed.’

Holtforster tells Go Public the project management company tried other ways to cut costs — reducing expenses and compensation for dozens of managers by up to 20 per cent — before asking workers to voluntarily give up vacation days.

Go Public spoke with a number of employees; all had similar experiences and all say they don’t believe it was voluntary.

One employee tells Go Public workers who refused to give up vacation days were pressured by managers to change their minds — and their timecards — receiving frequent calls from higher ups, asking if they planned to comply.

‘It’s not a choice … there’s so much fear that if you don’t do this, you’re going to lose your job,’ said the employee, who works on infrastructure and revitalization projects for the company.”

For the rest of the story, visit CBC here.

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