Cherri Senders Talks Labor, Millennial Impact on Rick Smith Show

With the 2019 Labor 411 guidebooks for Los Angeles and San Francisco hot off the presses and new listings of responsible companies being added online daily, warriors in the Ethical Consumer Movement have more than 11,000 ways to shop their values and support good middle class jobs.

Speaking on “The Rick Smith Show” podcast, Labor 411 Founder and President Cherri Senders  emphasized the importance of American consumers harnessing their $12 trillion in buying power to help support companies that treat their workers well.

“Labor organizes. That’s what we do best,” said Senders. “Nobody has organized consumers. We need to bring companies to the table and make sure that we reward the socially responsible ones and ding the ones who are not going to listen to us.”

Senders noted that the difference between products that are union made and their non-union competitors is often insignificant. She also emphasized the importance of millennials joining the front lines of the Ethical Consumer Movement.

“Millennials care about ethics, they care about quality. They are not as materialistic,” Senders said. “They have less stuff, but they care more about where it’s sourced and its environmental impact. I think that’s something the Labor Movement needs to be looking at as well.”

To listen to the entire interview, click here.

The Labor 411 Los Angeles and San Francisco directories are available for purchase here.

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