City Replaces Striking Sanitation Workers With Prison Labor Rather Than Pay $4.75 More An Hour

Sanitation workers in New Orleans believe that they should receive more than $10.25 an hour for risking their lives during a pandemic. They want $15 an hour and basic protective equipment as they deal with handling potentially hazardous material daily.

“We need them to provide us with the proper PPE – to all the workers immediately and consistently and on a daily basis,” said Jonathan Edward, one of the workers who lost his job. “Provide us with our hazardous pay due to the pandemic of COVID-19.”

Their employer however, responded brutally by using prison labor to replace them.

According to the site PayDay Report, “Under state rules, prison inmates, employed by Metro Services, will be paid only 13% of what garbage workers, who only make $10.25-an-hour, are being paid.”

That works out to about $1.33 an hour to use the inmates.

For more on this story, visit PayDay Report here.


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