Clean Vehicles: Healthy Middle Class, Healthy Planet

By Robert Fulton

When recently shopping for a new car, I happily drove off with a Ford C-Max Hybrid.  The C-Max met the four criteria important to me in buying a new car:

• The C-Max is a Hybrid, providing me with excellent gas mileage and a driving range superior to electric cars. The EPA estimated MPG for a C-Max is around 40, but I’m happy to say I regularly average 50 MPG.

• It’s American made – Ford. The only way American manufacturing will ever regain a footing is if we support American manufacturing. Ford in particular has made efforts to Go Green, with an eco-friendly Mustang, and sustainable materials used for in its F-Series line of trucks.

• The C-Max is union made. Unfortunately, not every car or truck out there with an American nameplate is union made. My C-Max proudly boasts a UAW Made in Dearborn, Michigan, sticker on its back window.

• The C-Max is family friendly.

While that last requirement was a personal choice based on need, the other three requirements were important to me as someone who tries to make decisions that support the American Labor Movement as well as benefit the environment.

This Earth Day, whether shopping for a new car or making another environmentally friendly purchasing decision, try to make it Labor friendly as well. A healthy middle class is as important as a healthy planet.

Environmentally Friendly UAW-Made Vehicles

Chevy Volt (Electric)
Ford Focus (Electric)
Ford C-Max (Hybrid/Electric)
Cadillac Escalade (Hybrid)
Chevy Tahoe (Hybrid)
GMC Yukon (Hybrid)
Chevy Silverado (Hybrid)
GMC Sierra (Hybrid)

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