Congressional Bill Boosts NLRB Funding To $299 Million

Congressional Bill Boosts NLRB Funding To $299 Million

The NLRB is poised to get a critical funding increase.

The Washington Post reports:

“Congress is poised to boost funding for the federal agency that protects workers’ rights to organize, at least temporarily averting a staffing crisis that has hampered the Biden administration’s ability to deliver on its pro-union agenda — and that also threatened to cause prolonged labor unrest at the agency.

Early Tuesday morning, lawmakers announced a $1.7 trillion spending package that adds $25 million of new funding for the National Labor Relations Board to prevent furloughs at the cash-strapped agency, bringing its budget up to $299 million.

The funding boost came after the agency’s own disgruntled union and Congressional Progressive Caucus Democrats, backed by chair Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.), pleaded with leaders on Capitol Hill for increased funding as part of an exchange between parties as Republicans pushed for a major increase in defense spending.

The new funding will likely quell some of the turmoil at the NLRB by preventing furloughs, but it remains unclear whether the agency will be able to fill hundreds of vacated jobs that have left the labor board badly understaffed. The agency and its workers, meanwhile, remain locked in a battle over telework that mirrors those they are charged with refereeing nationwide.

‘You don’t get a lot of wins in this business. This is definitely something to feel good about’ said Michael Bilik, an NLRB field attorney in New York City and a leader in the agency’s union. ‘But it’s not nearly enough money. It’s the least they could do to keep the lights on.'”

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