Construction Workers On Tesla Gigafactory In Austin Allege Wage Theft And Fake Workplace Safety Certifications

Construction workers on a Tesla Gigafactory have made public their claims that the company stole their wages.

Yahoo News reports:

“Construction workers who helped build Tesla’s sprawling gigafactory in Austin, Texas filed multiple complaints to the US Department of Labor on Tuesday, alleging multiple labor violations they said they faced on the job.

The construction workers accused their subcontractors — those who employed and paid the workers — of withholding wages from some workers, according to a complaint sent by an attorney at the Workers Defense Project, the nonprofit that’s representing the construction workers.

The letter redacted the names of the subcontractors for confidentially purposes in light of a potential investigation.

Some workers claimed that they were not paid a time-and-a-half overtime rate for working more than 40 hours a week. They also alleged that they were not compensated the double pay bonus they said they were promised for the extra days they spent working over Thanksgiving weekend in 2021.

Victor, a construction worker who performed carpentry work at the plant and whose name was redacted in his complaint, filed a separate complaint on Tuesday claiming that an undisclosed subcontractor sent him fabricated OSHA certificates without providing any workplace safety trainings. The Department of Labor requires construction industry employers to comply with OSHA standards to prevent their employees from potential injury.”

For the rest of the story, visit Yahoo News here.

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