Corporate Greed: A Tax Day Reminder

By Kelly Ross

It’s that time again. Tax Day! It’s the day that many Americans dread. On April 15 every year millions of Americans scramble to get their taxes in the mail and off to the Internal Revenue Service.

While many individuals will be writing checks to the U.S. Government, many big corporations are weaseling their way out of paying taxes, receiving billions of dollars in tax refunds while cutting their employees paltry checks for their services.

Verizon Wireless paid zero federal taxes on 19.3 billion dollars for the years of 2008 through 2012. Instead they secured $535 million dollars in tax refunds, and Verizon Wireless was not the only corporation to do so. Fed Ex and Pfizer followed in suit receiving over $2 billion in federal tax refunds on zero federal taxes paid.

While everyday Americans are working long, hard hours for every penny they have, insatiable corporations (like Wal-Mart and McDonalds, whose low wages end up costing tax payers $153 billion a year in subsidies) are stealing right out of their pockets. It is completely unacceptable for corporations to make billions upon billions of dollars, only to take advantage of the tax system, leaving the American worker out in the cold.

Let Tax Day be a reminder to continue to stand tall in the fight against corporate greed and income inequality.

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