Court Rules That Uber And Lyft Must Classify Drivers As Employees

Gig workers in California who want to be classified as employees got some good news yesterday.

NPR reports:

“A California appeals court says Uber and Lyft must classify their drivers as employees rather than independent contractors, siding with a lower court that found the ride-hailing companies were likely violating state labor law.

The ruling is a blow to Uber and Lyft, which argue that the law does not apply to them. Both companies previously threatened to leave the state if forced to make their drivers employees.

But there’s time, because the California law remains effectively on hold for Lyft and Uber. The appeals court on Thursday ordered the ride-sharing companies to reclassify drivers, but not for at least 30 days after the case is sent back to the trial court. Before then, the companies can appeal to the California Supreme Court.

In the meantime, California voters may decide on the law’s future because it’s on the November ballot. A measure backed by the companies, Proposition 22, would allow ride-hailing and food delivery apps to keep their drivers as independent contractors while giving them limited benefits but not the full protections of employment status.”

For the rest of the story, visit NPR here.

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