Don’t be a Sucker! Grab your Free See’s Treat Today on National Lollipop Day.

By Evan Henerson

We’ve waited all year, and the day has finally arrived. National Lollipop Day! How sweet it shall be.

And how, you may ask, did July 20 come to be designated National Lollipop Day? Oh, how we wish we knew. The National Day Calendar (which is never, ever wrong) informs us that the National Confectioners Association founded Lollipop Day.  That organization’s web page has some historical bits about the pops which apparently got their moniker from candy maker George Smith who named them after his favorite racehorse, Lolly Pop.

Other fun lolli-facts. The original lollipop machine made 40 lollipops per minute. Compare that to the modern day machines which churn out 5,900 per minute.

So on National Lollipop Day let’s give a sucker-ific shout out to See’s Candies, a good ethical employer that treats its employees fairly. See’s will be giving out free “lollypops” today: Chocolate, butterscotch, café latte and vanilla.

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