DoorDash Gives Workers 78 Cents Per Day In Hazard Pay

The embarrassment that is hazard pay, or lack of, in the US just became that much worse with DoorDash’s recent letter to workers.

Eater magazine reports:

“Advocacy group Gig Workers Rising shared a letter that San Francisco-based food delivery company DoorDash sent to drivers this week, saying that for protective measures necessary during an unprecedented and potentially deadly crisis, they’d be paid an additional 78 cents per day.

Broke-Ass Stuart reports that the additional 78 cents per day was granted to SF workers only, in response to the city’s April 21 emergency ordinance requiring on-demand delivery services to ‘provide to or reimburse employees for the reasonable cost of purchasing necessary hand sanitizer, disinfecting cleaning supplies, and any needed personal protective equipment such as gloves and face masks.’

According to the email from DoorDash, which as of June had a valuation of almost $16 billion and an estimated median executive salary of $100 per hour, “for each day you complete at least one delivery in the CA: San Francisco Starting Point, you’ll receive an additional $0.78 daily deposit on top of your regular earnings.” Those 78 cents should cover the ‘additional deposit’ DoorDash claims the ordinance requires ‘for wiping down frequently touched surfaces in their vehicles,’ but does not address how it intends to cover the PPE requirements detailed in the actual San Francsico law.

Meanwhile, DoorDash has thus far sunk tens of millions into a fight to continue to classify their drivers as independent contractors. Along with fellow SF companies Uber, Lyft, Postmates, and Instacart, DoorDash is pushing Proposition 22, which would allow the state’s voters to decide the employment classification fate of gig workers.”

For the rest of the story, visit Eater magazine here.

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