Eight Awesome Union Facebook Pages Everyone Should Follow


By Sahid Fawaz

AFL-CIO: www.facebook.com/aflcio

–    The AFL-CIO Facebook page is a great way to stay current on the macro labor and political issues of the day. A definite must-follow for anyone who wants to stay in the know on the labor movement’s fight for workers’ rights.

Teamsters: www.facebook.com/teamsters

–    With over a million Teamsters working in virtually every industry, the union has its finger on the pulse of the labor movement across North America. Its Facebook page is a great way to check out the labor struggles and victories of the day. Bonus: check out the Teamsters blog: http://teamsternation.blogspot.com/

Pro Labor Alliance: www.facebook.com/ProLaborAlliance

–    Based in Massachusetts, the Pro Labor Alliance is a strong advocate of working people all over. One of the most active pages on Facebook, this page delivers quality posts on all matters union.

Unions  4 Workers: www.facebook.com/unions4workers

–    Known for its awesome, original posts, Unions 4 Workers creates inspirational, viral pro-labor content to spread the message of worker advocacy. Make sure to like its Facebook page and share their terrific content.

Wisconsin State AFL-CIO: www.facebook.com/wisaflcio

–    An active and unapologetically pro-union page, the Wisconsin AFL-CIO page delivers great posts each day on pressing labor issues. A must-follow page for anyone who supports labor.

UAW Region 1: www.facebook.com/pages/UAW-Region-1/155232001179405

–    A highly active labor page delivering great posts on the labor movement and politics. UAW Region 1 represents UAW members in the proudly union southern Michigan area.

Union Label: www.facebook.com/UnionLabel

–    A great resource for all things union-made and a must-follow for everyone who supports buying union.

United Steelworkerswww.facebook.com/steelworkers

–    The USW Facebook shares its message on matters pertaining to bringing manufacturing jobs back to North America, workplace safety, and much more. An excellent resource of original labor content and reshoring news.

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