Eight Month Strike Comes To End As UAW Strikes Deal With Raises Up To 38%

64% of UAW workers on strike at CH Industrial plants voted yes on a new contract, ending a bitter eight month strike.

ABC affiliate, WQAD, reports:

“A day after the United Autor Workers union and CNH Industrial agreed to terms on a new contract, ending a strike lasting almost 9 months, News 8 now has some details about the specifics of the agreement and how it was voted on.

  • Pay raises: Some departments are getting pay raises between 28%-to 38%. Chew, who works in the Tractor-Loader-Backhoe Assembly line made $20.93 before the strike began on May 2, 2022. Under the new contract, she will make $23.77 starting Jan. 30, 2023 and that will increase to $25.08 in May of 2023. Her pay will go up once again in March of 2026 to $27.67.
  • Bonus vacation time: A worker will now only need to wait 12 years for on additional week of bonus vacation time. Before workers would need to be with the company for 15 years to automatically get an extra week. Chew says it usually takes about five years of working with the company to be given two-weeks off automatically.
  • PAA increases: Workers now have 40 hours of Paid Absence Allowance, up from 32 hours.
  • Increased PTO flexibility: Workers can now call in to take vacation time 15 minutes before the start of their shift, instead of 30 minutes before their shift.
  • Ratification bonus: The ratification bonus will be given out after 30 calendar days instead of 60 calendar days.
  • Boot & Shoe Allowance: Completely new in this new contract, workers will now be reimbursed up to $125 for boots/shoes for work.”

For the full story, visit WQAD here.

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