Employer Sends Trophies, Company Shirts To Workers It Laid Off Via Zoom Before The Holidays

The CEO of mortgage company, Better.com, made headlines recently after he coldly announced to 900 employees via Zoom that they were being laid off week before the holidays.

The CEO accused them of “stealing” from the business by allegedly working less hours than they were scheduled.

He has since apologized. But the employees remain laid off.

Adding insult to injury was the “Christmas package” that the company sent ex-employees shortly after terminating them.

The New York Times reports that, “It took about three hours for [former employee, Christian Chapman] to receive a follow-up email, reviewed by The Times, that explained the terms of the termination . . . On Thursday, the company increased his termination package from one to two months of pay. He also received a Christmas package containing a trophy, certificate and company T-shirt (which his wife offered to burn).”

So, we have layoffs by Zoom and then company shirts after the terminations. Would it be fair to say that this company is out of touch, tone-deaf, and just all around ignorant on how to work with their employees? I’m leaning heavily towards a “Yes.”

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