Essentials for Dad

There are some things every dad should have. Labor 411 presents three essentials for the father who does it all. Get him one or all three for Father’s Day this year and know it’s quality, union-made gear.

As always, be sure they say Made in USA.

Boots: Trudging, hiking, stomping; it’s all better with a sturdy pair of boots he can batter at will.

Wolverine, Carolina, Danner, Red Wing, Thorogood, Wood N’ Stream

Tools: So many jobs to be tackled, and there’s a tool or two (or three) for each one.

Channellock, Craftsman, Ridgid, Stanley Hand Tools, Black & Decker, Snap-On

Grill: When it comes to putting a flame to the food, Weber is a household name, and for good reason. Don’t skimp here. Get him only the union best, he’s earned it.

Weber (Genesis, Summit and Q series)

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