Ethical Bartender: Apple Pie Vodka

Some people refer to vodka as “The Water of Life,” probably because the drink is clear and the name comes from “voda,” the Russian word meaning water. That’s important because – Zazdarovje! – October 4 is National Vodka Day. Nobody quite knows why or for how long this hallowed holiday has been in existence, but as the operators of the National Vodka Day website cheerily note “It works for us. No harm celebrating responsibly on other days as well.”

On National Vodka Day, drinkers can bond over whether they prefer their martinis shaken or stirred. Whatever your preference, make sure the brand you choose is an ethical one. We’ve got a great list of ethical choices.

And for all you non-martini drinking vodka lovers, we’ve got the perfect fall delight: Apple Pie Vodka, a drink that is about as all-American (or maybe all-Russian-American) as you can get. The ingredients are below. Enjoy!


1/2 green apple, sliced (Del Monte)

1/2 red apple, sliced (Del Monte)

1/2 lemon, sliced (Del Monte)

2 cups vodka (choose an ethical brand)

2 cinnamon sticks for some spice


Place apple slices, lemon slices and cinnamon sticks in a large mason jar. Pour the vodka in the jar and seal it. Give it a little shake and refrigerate it for 24 hours.

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