Ethical Consumer Week Spotlight – Philadelphia Tastykakes

By Evan Henerson

The wait is over. Ethical Consumer Week has arrived!

During ECW, we celebrate the good guys, the employers who treat their workers fairly, pay them good wages and benefits and give them a voice on the job. For 10 years, Labor 411 has been helping savvy consumers locate these ethical businesses through our online database and our printed directories to the cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC, Philadelphia with our inaugural New York edition due out later this year.

With income inequality continuing to run rampant around the country, Labor 411 believes that we must enlist consumers in our fight to affect good corporate behavior. By making the choice to spend our money on products and services that are made by workers who are treated fairly, and paid living wages, we can all help build stronger communities and strengthen the middle class. Ethical Consumer Week is a celebration of the power of consumers to help create good jobs, encouraging and educating the public about how their daily spending habits can strengthen our economy and our communities.

We call this “Buying Blue”: our power to make a difference with every $1 we spend.

Every day during Ethical Consumer Week 2018, we’ll be highlighting a product, an activity or a venue that is local to our five Labor 411 cities. We will also offer some ways to take action and help lend your voice to improving the lives of working families.

Philadelphia: Tastykakes

Even though it’s Day 1, let’s start with dessert in Philadelphia. What can we say? We do love our sweets and things don’t get much sweeter than Tastykake. These Pittsburgh-born and Philly-bred treats were the brainchild of the Bauer Brothers who founded the Tasty Baking Company in 1914. A century later, Tastykakes are a subsidiary of baking giant Flowers Foods and are made in a state of the art baking facility located in the Navy Yard of South Philadelphia.

We always like to highlight the union presence at ethical companies. In 2010, the company’s bakers, warehouse workers, food-safety technicians, auto mechanics and vending drivers voted to join Bakery Confectionery Tobacco and Grain Millers (BCTGM) Local 492. A couple of years ago, following the company’s relocation to the Navy Yard facility, our friends at UCOMM Blog highlighted the maintenance workers who are members of IBEW Local 98

Fortunately for sweethounds nationwide, the company has branched out past its east coast roots and you can get those delectable Krimpets, Kandy Kakes and fruit pies at locations throughout the country.

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