Even White Castle Is Giving Workers Paid Time Off To Vote, While Trillion Dollar Amazon Won’t

Amazon, which has a market capitalization of $1.5 trillion, can’t seem to find it in its wallet to allow its workers paid time off to vote next week.

It’s refusal to do so has angered Amazon workers all over, leading to protests demanding it reverse its policy.

Meanwhile, much (much) smaller companies, like family-owned White Castle, are proving that a business can be profitable while paying its workers to engage in civic activities like voting.

Business Insider reports on White Castle’s decision:

“White Castle is closing restaurants on election day, in a rare move among fast-food giants.

The burger chain will close all restaurants from 7 am to 11 am on November 3 to give employees a chance to vote in the election. White Castle employees scheduled to work in restaurants during this time, as well as employees in the home office and manufacturing plants, will be given four hours of paid time off.

‘Starting this year and going forward, White Castle will give team members time to exercise their right to vote in presidential elections,’ CEO Lisa Ingram said in a statement. ‘We believe voting is a right of responsible citizenship, and we want all our team members to have that opportunity.’

White Castle is known for being open all hours of the day and does not close for any other holidays, except Christmas Day.”

So, what is Amazon’s excuse? If White Castle can pay its workers to vote, why can’t Amazon? It’s the same reason as all of Amazon’s other unconscionable activities: obscene greed.


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