First Packaged Food Sporting The Fair Food Program Label Is Launched

The Fair Food Program (“FFP”) is making strides for farmworkers by pushing for a work environment that is free from coercion, intimidation, violence, and sexual assault. It works in partnership with growers to improve working conditions for workers doing the back-breaking work of bringing food from the farms to our tables.

Today the FFP celebrated a major milestone: the launch of the first packaged food with its label.

The product is a gazpacho sold by the company, Soupegirl. It uses only FFP tomatoes in its soup.

“We are honored to sell the first packaged products in America that contain only Fair Food tomatoes, ensuring that the farm workers who picked those tomatoes were protected against the inhumane treatment that is so common in agriculture,” said Sara Polon, CEO of Soupergirl.

Erik Brown, the Executive Leader of Produce at Whole Foods Market, said, “We are so proud to sell Soupergirl’s gazpachos at Whole Foods Market and hope more brands and retailers are encouraged to get behind the Fair Food Program mission.”

With major grocery chains like Whole Foods supporting the FFP’s efforts, it’s an encouraging sign that more ethical choices are available for consumers who want to vote with their wallets for humane working conditions.

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