Five Festive Union-made Halloween Treats

ghost peeps

1. Peeps: These guys go all out for the holidays and Halloween is no different. They have an assortment of spongy confections that includes chocolate-dipped orange chicks, marshmallow pumpkins (also come in chocolate-dipped variety), marshmallow ghosts and chocolate mousse flavored cats.

halloween oreos2. Oreos with orange filling: A classic! Go grab these awesome, orange-and-black, dunkable delights. They really are the best.

red vines

3. Red Vines / Black Licorice Twists: One could argue these are already Halloween ready. Black is the night of Halloween and red is the blood that drips from Dracula’s teeth! Mwuahahahaha!

Cadbury-Scream-Egg4. Cadbury Screme Eggs: Oh that creamy filling. This time with an oozy green caramel center.

 ghirardelli black organza5. Ghirardelli: Black or Orange Organza favor boxes for Halloween. Really it’s just the packaging that’s festive, but we’ll come up with any excuse to eat this amazing chocolate.

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