Five Sweet Valentine’s Day Classics

By Michael Messina

Whether it’s your wife of 50 years or a friendly coworker that deserves a nice surprise, these are five Valentine’s Day classics that will bring a little bit of joy into someone’s world. And of course, they’re union made.

 1. See’s Candies

Soft centers, chews, nuts and nougats. Any way you fill it, See’s is a household name in the chocolatier business. No one in the history of time has ever said no to a box of See’s (we assume).



2. Sweethearts

Love You. XOXO. Cutie Pie. Call Me. Crazy 4 You. Need we say more?



3. Hershey’s Kisses

Both Kisses and Hugs from Hershey are union made. Those sweet little drops of the classic chocolate will put a smile on your face every time.




4. Russell Stover

Like See’s, this is a huge name in the boxed chocolates world. Now they have an option online to build your own box.



5. Almond Roca

Those little logs wrapped in that familiar gold foil are dangerously satisfying. Buttercrunch toffee at its best.

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