Five Ways To Support The Kellogg Strike

From the website of the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union:

On October 5, 1,400 BCTGM members at Kellogg’s cereal plants in Battle Creek, Mich. (Local 3G), Omaha, Neb. (Local 50G), Lancaster, Pa. (Local 374G) and Memphis, Tenn. (Local 252G) took a stand on the future of their workforce by going on STRIKE.

Here are FIVE ways you can support them:

1) Sign Their Petition.

Let the workers know you’re with them! Add your name to their online pledge.

2) Join a picket line or drop off food/drinks/supplies.

Here are the addresses for each strikeline:

Battle Creek, Michigan: 425 Porter St.
RSVP to visit Local 3G members on strike

Memphis, Tennessee: 2168 Frisco Ave.
RSVP to visit Local 252G members on strike

Omaha, Nebraska: 9601 F St.
RSVP to visit Local 50G members on strike

Lancaster, Pennsylvania: 2050 State Rd.
RSVP to visit Local 374G members on strike

3) Send a solidarity letter.

Mail or email letters of encouragement directly to the strikeline organizers so they can read them to the workers on-location.

CLICK HERE to download their addresses and emails.

4) Donate to a Strike Fund

Strike Funds are helping workers meet basic needs and supply their strike lines so they can remain steadfast in their mission for a fair contract.

Each location has its own fundraiser, managed by organizers directly in contact with the workers. While the BCTGM International Union supports these fundraising efforts, none of them are directly affiliated with the Headquarters office.

Use the links below to donate by location:

5) Help us spread the word on Social Media!

Make sure you’re following all our social media pages/hashtags and help us re-share daily #KelloggStrike photos, news articles, podcasts and videos.

Download a flyer to share these in your workplace, church and community.

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