Flags, Food and Fun for July 4th!


Friday is the Fourth of July and we are ready to celebrate our country’s birthday with some great union-made, American-made products! If you need a flag to hang this weekend or any other day of the year, we’ve got ’em. Snacks and drinks? We’ve put together a red, white and blue list of goodies that will make your party pop.

If you want to purchase an American flag that is union made, visit either Annin Flagmakers (UFCW) or Artflag (Workers United).

For your July 4th shindig:

Red: Solo Cups, Red Vines, Coca-Cola, Wine (C.K. Mondavi, Gallo Estate, Turning Leaf), Salsa (Old El Paso, Tostitos, Pace)

White: Popcorn (Act II, Orville Redenbacher, Smartfood), Domino Sugar, Chicken (Foster Farms, Banquet, Tyson), Milk (Alta Dena, Darigold, Horizon)

Blue: Pepsi, Blue Heron Pale Ale, Cool Ranch Doritos, Bud Light, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Water (not technically blue, but: American Springs Water, Northern Fall’s Water, Pocono Springs Water, Poland Spring Water)

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