Flight Attendants at this Airline Just Voted 2-to-1 to Join a Union

By Sahid Fawaz

It’s official: flight attendants at JetBlue want a union.

Forbes reports:

“The Transport Workers Union has won a unionization election for JetBlue flight attendants as it garnered support from two thirds of the voters.

The vote was 2,661 in favor and 1,387 opposed, said a union spokesman. JetBlue has about 5,000 flight attendants. Of 4,701 eligible votersm 4048 cast ballots.

“This historic victory is yet another example of the tide turning in America as workers continue to lock arms and fight back to defend their livelihoods,” said TWU President John Samuelsen in a prepared statement.

‘The TWU intends to immediately commence contract bargaining with JetBlue,’ Samuelsen said. ‘It is our sincerest wish that the company comes to the table and bargains a fair and just contract with the workers they employ.

He said the union will seek a contract that provides flight attendants with job security, a grievance procedure, improved wages and benefits and ‘a seat at the table in case of possible merger or acquisition.’

For the rest of the story, visit Forbes.

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