Florida Republicans Push Union-Busting Bill

Opposition is mounting against an anti-union bill promoted by state Republicans.

WCTV reports:

“The House is pushing forward with a bill that its sponsor claims would make it easier for public sector employees, including first responders, to quit their unions, but the bill is facing significant opposition.

Lawmakers were greeted by public and private sector union members chanting ‘What’s disgusting? Union busting!’ as they entered the chamber doors Tuesday.

They’re protesting legislation that would require state workers, like teachers, firefighters and even police, to reauthorize their union membership every three years.

It also would prevent public sector unions from requiring workers to explain why they’re ending their membership.

Some fear if lawmakers were to pass the restrictions for public sector unions,it would only be a matter of time before they set their sights on the private sector as well.

‘They’re trying to make it harder for unions to collect money. They couldn’t decertify us because it’s in the constitution, so now they’re trying to defund us,”’ said Jeremiah Tattersall who belongs to a private sector union in Gainesville.”

For the rest of the story, visit WCTV here.

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