Four Union-Made Bourbons, Ranked by the Labor 411 Crew

A Final Prep for Nation Bourbon Day

By Michael Messina

National Bourbon Day is this Sunday and the Labor 411 crew was assigned to quality control on some union-made bourbons in preparation for the big day. (These also make a great gift for Dad, too.) We ranked four bottles: Knob Creek, Old Grand-Dad, Elijah Craig and Wild Turkey.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 = I can’t swallow this, 10 = Joy in liquid form) these were the results in ascending order of final score.

#4 – Old Grand-Dad

Consensus: “It burns!”

Average: 2.3

Final Score: 14

#3 – Elijah Craig

Consensus: On the sweeter side, but most in the room found it tasty. Most polar scores here. Either you like it or you don’t.

Average: 6.7

Final Score: 40

#2 – Wild Turkey

Consensus: Wow! Much better than anticipated. Smooth for 101 proof.

Average: 7.2

Final Score: 43

#1 – Knob Creek

Consensus: The clear winner. Great flavor, goes down easy. Buy some now.

Average: 8.2

Final Score: 49

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