Four Union Moments That We Love From The Past Year

With love in the air as Valentine’s Day approaches, we thought we’d share some proud union moments from the past year that we loved.

1. Teamsters joining in solidarity with striking UAW workers by refusing to deliver GM vehicles

Last September, members of the UAW across the country went on strike against GM. The Teamsters stood by the autoworkers by telling GM’s management that its members would not deliver any GM vehicles during the strike. It was a proud moment for all in the labor movement to see solidarity on such a large scale.

2. The American Federation of teachers threatening to boycott Walmart unless the company stops lobbying against gun reform

In August 2019, the AFT issued an ultimatum to Walmart: stop lobbying against gun reform or else hundreds of thousands of educators across the country will boycott your stores. With school shootings becoming a national epidemic, it was a proud moment to see educators go after a company that is standing in the way of meaningful reform.

3. Marijuana workers vote to unionize

Last month, cannabis industry workers in Joliet, IL made history as they became the first marijuana workers in the state to unionize. With a final tally of 58 – 37, the Cresco Labs employees opted to join United Food and Commercial Workers Local 881. It’s great to see workers organize in an industry that is just beginning to take roots and flourish (pardon the pun).

4. IKEA workers say yes to union

Workers at Ikea distribution centers in Illinois said Union Yes in 2019 as they joined the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers. The victory is part of a global effort to unionize the furniture store giant. An Ikea spokesperson said: “We believe the choice to be represented by a union lies solely with the co-worker, and we respect the decision made by the co-workers in our Joliet and Minooka distribution centers.”

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