General Motors Cryptically Tells Works in New Remote Work Plan to ‘Work appropriately’

General Motors’ new remote work plan comes with a two word directive.

CNBC reports:

General Motors is taking a surprisingly simple approach to its return to work strategy for employees: ‘Work appropriately.’

That’s the message being conveyed Tuesday by CEO Mary Barra and other GM leaders about how the automaker plans to reintegrate its 155,000 global employees in a post-vaccine work world. It’s a flexible, evolving policy that will differ depending on the employee, week and project, according to executives.

It could mean conducting more training remotely for GM’s 87,000 hourly factory workers whose jobs require them to be at the company’s manufacturing facilities. Or it could mean allowing a salaried employee to permanently work from home or run a hybrid schedule of in-office and remote work.

‘It is not about a policy or a one-size-fits-all approach,’ Laura Jones, GM’s global talent director, told reporters this week. ‘But truly that evolution of our culture for everyone.’

The decision to create such a program followed feedback from employees, many of whom have been working remotely for a year due to the coronavirus pandemic. GM conducted several surveys regarding how and where employees would prefer to work in the future, officials said.

GM’s remote work plan is a play off the company’s simplified dress code, which Barra initiated while leading human resources from 2009-2011. She replaced a 10-page dress code policy with two words: ‘Dress appropriately.’

For the rest of the story, visit CNBC here.

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