GM Announces It Will Build New Electric Silverado Truck In Michigan

GM Announces It Will Build New Electric Silverado Truck In Michigan

Autoworkers in Michigan got good news with GM’s latest announcement.

ABC affiliate, Channel 12, reports:

“General Motors announced plans to produce a new electric-powered Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck at its new Factory Zero plant in Hamtramck.

The electric Silverado will be the fourth vehicle produced in the 4.5 million-square-foot factory near Detroit.

It’s part of a multi-billion dollar investment from GM, as the company pushes forward with plans to produce an all electric lineup of vehicles by 2035. The director of United Auto Workers Region 1D in Mid-Michigan said this kind of investment is good for the entire state.

‘That’s good news for everybody. Good news for the economy. That’s good for the employees,’ said UAW Region 1D Director Steve Dawes. ‘Nobody gets hurt when you’re talking an investment like that. That’s GM’s largest single plant investment ever.’

GM is planning to invest $2.2 billion to begin producing electric vehicles in Factory Zero. Dawes is excited for what lies down the road, but he knows the switch to electrification won’t happen overnight.

‘Along with what comes with electric vehicles comes a lot of other attachments that are great for everyone. The infrastructure. There’s got to be a change in infrastructure because you have to have charging stations. You’ve got to have places where you can maintain these electric vehicles,’ he said.

In addition to the Silverado, Factory Zero will produce electric versions of the GMC Hummer pickup truck, a Hummer SUV and an electric version of the Chevrolet Cruze sedan. GM expects to hire about 2,200 employees for the plant.”

For the rest of the story, visit Channel 12 here.

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