GM Filing Shows It Paid CEO $22 Million As It Laid Off 15,000 Workers And Closed Plants

When a company lays off people, it generally means that it needs to save money.

Yet GM, in a proxy statement, said that it gave CEO and Chairwoman, Mary Barra, $21.87 million as it cut jobs.

Her compensation works out to 281 times the pay of the media GM employee.

While she was earning almost $2 million per month last year, over 15,000 workers who got the pink slip were left wondering how they would pay for health insurance, rent, mortgages, and other bills.

When Americans bailed out GM ten years ago, many did not envision a future where the company would shut down 13 US plants over the next decade. It closed zero in Mexico during that period.

Barra had a chance to take a real leadership role. Instead, she declined and continued to fill her pockets as company workers suffered.


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