GM, Which Made $8.1 Billion In Profit And Paid Its CEO $22 Million, Just Cancelled Health Benefits For 50,000 Workers

GM has abruptly cancelled health benefits for striking workers. And to make matters worse, the cancellation takes effect immediately.

ABC affiliate, WXYZ reports:

“General Motors is playing hardball with striking UAW members.

The company is pulling the plug on the healthcare coverage effective Tuesday, Sept. 17. That means the tab will have to be picked up by the union for workers to continue coverage. The same fund that pays workers $250 a week strike pay.

‘How I look at it is, we’re here for the company, we were here for them during all the downturns,’ said Stephanie Carpenter, a 22-year employee of GM who was picketing in front of the company’s headquarters Tuesday. ‘They need to be here for us now.’

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Notices are being post on UAW local Facebook pages fueling the concerns of workers. The notice states, ‘Heads up to all active workers, GM has canceled out health care.'”

For the rest of the story, visit WXYZ here.

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