GM’s New Tone-Deaf Car Ad Is A Slap In The Face For Employees

GM’s announcement of layoffs of 14,000 workers and the closing of five plants has dominated headlines over the past week.

But its recent ad might win the prize for worst timing and a lack of tact.

In the commercial below, GM puts workers and their families in front of camera in an attempt to sell you more cars. The ad proudly boasts that customers now receive the same discounts as GM employees.

The insensitivity was not lost on YouTube’s audience. One commented, “So if we are all part of the Chevy family now as employee discount eligible. Does that mean your going to lay off most of america for Christmas? Pure awesomeness!!”

Another wrote, “Flawless timing and in perfect tastes, GM…#GMLayoffs

Watch it for yourself and let us know what you think:

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