“Going on strike in 12 hours and I’ve never felt closer to or more proud of my coworkers.”

The King Sooper’s grocery store strike begins today.

Thousands of workers at the Kroger owned chain are striking for better pay. The union rejected a last ditch offer by management, calling the proposal “unacceptable” and insulting.”

One worker posted on Reddit yesterday, sharing his feelings about the strike and management’s inadequate offer:

“The last day of work before the strike was so reassuring. The company came at us with another garbage offer, and I was afraid I’d have to convince people it was garbage and not to fold at the last minute.

Instead, it just made everyone even more eager to strike tomorrow morning. Every robocall from an executive (which is happening daily at this point) just galvanizes us further. I’ve worked with some of these people for years and hardly given them more than a nod in the morning, and suddenly we’re talking to each other about what matters to us, our families and hobbies, and joking around about how this billion dollar grocery store chain can GET FUCKED.

I am also a ball of stress and confusion because holy shit I’m going on strike tomorrow. Don’t cross picket lines, don’t scab, but do bring me a sandwich.”

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