Governor Of State Averaging 300+ COVID Deaths A Day Vows To Fight Biden Vaccine Mandate

Florida, which has led the nation in COVID cases this summer, recorded over 2,400 deaths from the virus over the past seven days.

And its Republican governor is holding fast to fighting anything related to vaccine and mask requirements.

His latest battle is against the President, who announced yesterday an order for all business with 100+ employees to mandate worker vaccines or weekly testing.

The Miami Herald reports:

“Less than an hour before President Joe Biden announced an ambitious plan to require many businesses to ensure full vaccination or require weekly COVID testing of employees, Florida’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis had already vowed to fight it.

‘I can say the one thing that I’m concerned about is them trying to force mandates on individuals and businesses,’ said DeSantis on Thursday afternoon in response to questions during a press conference in Pasco County.

‘I just think that that’s fundamentally wrong, and I think that the more and more this has become coercive, where people have threatened mandates and firing and business consequences … the more people it alienates,’ he added.

He intensified his message on Friday, calling Biden’s proposal unconstitutional and saying the president is doubling down on COVID policies that have so far not worked against the disease. ‘The problem I have with Joe Biden more than anything, this guy doesn’t take responsibility for anything. He’s always trying to blame other people, blame other states,’ said DeSantis during a press conference.”

For the rest of the story, visit the Miami Herald here.

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