Grocery Chain To Label Products Made By Minority-Owned Businesses To Raise Consumer Awareness

We at Labor 411 have spent years working to raise awareness so that consumers can spend their shopping dollars wisely. Whether it’s with American-made products, union-made goods, and/or companies that treat their workers fairly, we strive empower to shoppers to vote with their wallets at the cash register.

So we are excited to learn that a major grocery chain, Giant Food, is taking the initiative to inform consumers about products that are made by minority businesses.

These businesses are often on a smaller scale than more well-known brands. They tend to be more local and hire more within the U.S.

Washington, DC local news station WVDM reports that “Over 3,000 products in Giant stores will feature updated shelf labels. There are over 218 businesses in Giant’s vendor partnerships.

The labels represent businesses that are Women, Black, Asian-Indian, Hispanic, LGBT, Asian-Pacific, or Veteran owned. The program is part of the store’s efforts to promote diversity.”

For more on this story, visit WVDM here.


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